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What we do as your Seller's Advocate

At Property Advisory Sydney we will give you an independent appraisal, advice on property presentation, manage trades (if necessary), select agent, select sales process.  We access data analytics combined with our extensive knowledge and personal relationships in the property sector to provide you the insights into the property market you will need to help you choose the best agent and selling process.


We will give an impartial assessment of the value of the property. We will talk about the best selling procedure, ie Auction, Expressions of Interest or Off-Market sale. Discuss how much to spend on print and digital media.


We will invite hand picked agents to the home to interview, assess their strategy in selling your property, negotiate their commission, discuss their costings in print and digital media, etc...

We will take into consideration the sales agents’ knowledge of the area as well as their market share and presence in that market. This is to ensure a thorough understanding of what buyers in the area are looking for, and to achieve strong interest through a healthy profile and brand awareness.


We will give advice on the best possible way to present your property to sell. Giving advice on styling, painting etc.... We will be at all open for inspections making sure the house is in perfect condition to be presented to any clients. We will be the first point of contact to the agent so you are not bombarded by day to day communication

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